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Mar 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
to investigators with the district attorney's office as well as the fbi. we checked, no charges have been filed. reporting live in richmond, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the whistle blower also continues to work for the city of richmond as she has for 26 years. >> super bowl 50 is still three years away, but the concession stand is open in santa clara. the city is sweetening its bid for the big game and len ramirez tells us, they are leaving critics with a sour taste in their mouths. >> as it comes together in the parking lot of the great america theme park, plans to host a super bowl here are firming up, too. >> lots of people to santa clara and lay the ground work. it will get us on to the circuit so every ten years, we are looking at a super bowl. it will fill up our hotel spaces. >> there are three major hotels in the area, but santa clara could be missing out on millions of dollars in a move to win the bid for super bowl l over rival, miami. santa clara city leaders are set to give in for financial demands, including foregoing the 9.5% room tax for hundreds of employees. santa clara would g
Mar 21, 2013 10:00pm PDT
: the report has been sent to the f.b.i. and the district attorney. if the d.a. takes up the case and convicts the two council members they will lose their council seats. . >>> we reached out to councilwoman brooks for comments. she declined. so far it's unclear whether the d.a. will prosecute this case. >>> a san jose teen killed in a caltrain accident this week was remembered as an aspiring musician who loved life. dena jonathan was hit by a train while walking home on tuesday. he was a popular student at lincoln high, a school for the performing arts. a huge crowd turned out tonight for a vigil to remember him. >> i had no idea my baby had been loved by so many people. i had no idea that he was in the world just blessing people and loving people and making them half. i'm so proud that my baby touched all of these people. >> the accident is still under investigation but dena's mother says her son was listening to music and didn't hear the train coming. >>> a pre-school teacher was charged today for spiking toddler sippy cups with sleeping pills. 59-year-old deborah gratz is charged with five
Mar 23, 2013 10:00pm PDT
off in a dark-colored sedan. >>> the fbi needs your help identifying an east bay bank robbery suspect. they call him the buttoned-down bandit. authorities say he's committed two bank robberies this month. one in pleasanton, one in walnut creek. he's also got an accent. >>> military officials say the gunman and one of the victims involved in a deadly shooting at the marine corps case in quantico, virginia, are from the bay area. the marine who shot two of his colleagues to death and killed himself thursday was a tactics instructor. one of the victims was from oakley. she had been in the marines since december of 2011. the suspected shooter was from pacifica. the other victim was a 23-year-old male from mississippi. all three worked at the marine corps's officer candidate school. the marines have not described the relationship between the three. >>> in a case that could have wideranging contact, a challenge to california's ban on same-sex marriage goes before the supreme court next week. while support for gay marriage is on the rise, one bay area religious leader is defending "tradition
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3